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Advice for Homebuyers: 8 Things You Must Do Before Buying a Home

Is 2018 the year you plan to buy a home?

Finally, ready to buckle down and make the moves needed to get your finances in order to become a homeowner?

If only it were that simple!

The home buying process, though not insurmountable, requires a lot of planning and expert navigation to ensure that you get the most for your money without losing in the process.

We can help you make the journey painless and even enjoyable.

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Advice for Homebuyers: 8 Things You Must Do Before Buying a Home

Know What You Can Afford

Not what you’re pre-qualified for, what you can and want to afford. Think about your lifestyle and what you’re willing to change or sacrifice in order to comfortably afford the house you want.

Understand the Process

We are here to help educate you; being open to learning and understanding the home buying process is important.  The more you know, the more comfortable you will feel throughout the process.

Hire an Expert

Everyone starts somewhere, but there are things to be said about hiring a seasoned Realtor to oversee your transaction.

Make a List

Of things that are super important to you. Things you must have and won’t accept should be on it. And don’t feel pressured to compromise. It may come to that, but if your timeline and/or location is flexible and you’re willing to stay the course, you may find precisely what you want at the exact price you can afford.

Be Realistic

If you want everything brand new and shiny, looking at 25-year-old homes isn’t likely to get you what you want. Ask your Realtor to help you set realistic expectations about what you can afford so that you are ready and willing to make a good choice on a home.

Be Open Minded

Maybe the layout isn’t exactly what you had in mind, but how beautiful is that backyard space, and the kitchen remodel is to die for. Of course you have your must haves and won’t accept list (we even told you to make one), but try to keep everything else open in your mind. You could stumble upon a gem that maybe didn’t fit into your initial dream but could make for a beautiful reality.

Don’t Rush Your Decisions

It can be hard when you feel like your back is against the wall when you’re stuck in a bidding war with another buyer, but don’t be hasty in your decision-making process. Remember, owning a home is meant to be a long-term investment and you may not be able to easily get out of something you don’t want in a few months or a year.

Go with Your Gut

If it feels right, chances are it is! Don’t be afraid to go for it if you’re feeling comfortable with it.

Need help getting started with the process? Troyce Gatewood & Partners are here to help! Call today for a free consultation: 301-379-9441


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