Is Staging Your Home Worth It? You Bet.

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Real estate photography can make or break your listing. Bad photos or missing photos are an instant turn off for buyers, while great photos can make a listing pop off the page. Before you can take great real estate photos, you’ve got to clean and stage the house. Here are five reasons to stage the home before you take photos for an online real estate listing.

Staging prepares you for the move.

Homes tend to become cluttered over time, and homeowners may be so used to the clutter they don’t see how much stuff they own. By cleaning and staging a home before taking real estate photos, you can start decluttering well in advance of the move. This prepares you for the eventual move by giving you a long lead time in which to sort items you wish to keep from those you want to donate or sell, pack items for secure storage, and clean out the home.

Staged photos will stand out.

Staged photos give your listing an advantage over others. If the market is very competitive, a lived-in home will get attention and views, but it won’t be a favorite. Cleaning, staging, and showing off the home in staged photos helps it stand out in a crowded real estate market. If the local market is quiet, home staging can make all the difference between selling a home and having it remain on the market for a year or more.

Right now, real estate shoppers start the search process online by browsing virtual open houses and online real estate listings. If your photos don’t make your house look attractive, online house hunters will skip your house. If they do show interest, they’re more likely make a lowball offer. Staging your home demonstrates that you value it and have taken good care of it while living there.

Staging hides home flaws.

Many homes have flaws. Whether you’ve got a dated kitchen or a neighboring house that’s an eyesore, staging can draw attention away from what you don’t want buyers to focus on and toward your home’s best features. A home staging professional (like the ones on our team) can help you address property flaws with creative staging techniques.

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Staging attracts more buyers.

Staged homes use neutral colors and popular themes to help homes appeal to the widest pool of home shoppers. A clean home that meets expectations for tastes and trends will pop off the page in comparison with a listing that contains dated or messy photos. As a result, more buyers will be attracted to your home. Higher views increase the odds that multiple parties will submit an offer.

Staging can increase the offer price.

An asset becomes more attractive when other people show interest in it. When that asset is your house, a buyer who might be weighing a lower offer could rethink their strategy.

Knowing how many other people have viewed the property or are putting in offers, a home buyer will increase their offer to stand a chance. In competitive real estate markets, it’s not unusual for a standout property to receive multiple offers. Homebuyers may offer above asking price to beat others offers, and there could be a bidding war. As the home seller, you benefit from all this interest by earning more money from the sale of your home.

Home staging is an essential part of the online real estate process. You aren’t just competing with the house down the street anymore, you’re competing with HGTV homes. Buyers want perfection, and home staging ensures that they see the most beautiful parts of your home.

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3 Reasons Why We Recommend Staging Your Home

Are you familiar with home staging? It’s when a residence is fitted by a designer for furniture, artwork, and other necessities to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Studies show that staging increases the chances of selling a home quickly and for more money. Here is a look at three important reasons to consider home staging.

1. It increases the dollar value offered. 
Forty-nine percent of all buyer’s agents responding to a 2017 survey by the National Association of REALTORS® stated that a staged home increases its value over houses that haven’t been staged. They based their beliefs on their experiences with home sales. Thirty-one percent believed the dollar value increased between 1% and 5%, while 18% of these respondents stated the increase in dollar value ranged between 6% and 20%. 

Even more surprising is the fact that 58% of the seller’s agents taking part in the survey found that the offered price for a staged home was generally higher than the bids offered for similar homes that had not been staged. Half of these agents believed that the increase in the offered price fell between 1% and 5%, while the rest of this group thought the increase ranged between 6-10%.

If staging a home can lead to an increase in the profit realized by selling it, this task becomes an important one. While it takes a lot of effort to remove personal items, empty closets, and rearrange furniture, the benefits of doing so are enticing.

2. It creates a positive impact on the buyer’s perception of the home 
The majority of respondents to the survey stated that properly staging a home allows buyers to imagine themselves owning it. Eliminating personal items from the existing owners and opening up the spaciousness of each room makes it easier for prospective buyers to choose the home as their next living space. In fact, 77% of the buyer’s agents participating in the survey stated that staging a home creates a positive impact when trying to pair buyers with homes. A staged home simply looks better to potential buyers.

3. It decreases the time a house sits on the market.
Although seller’s agents vary in their beliefs regarding staging homes, at least 38% of them request the sellers stage their properties for a faster, more profitable sale. Of the total group, 23% stated that the decrease in time was small, while 39% believed this decrease to be significant. A small percentage of REALTORS® even thought that staging a home could greatly improve the chances of a quick sale. 

The decision to list your home for sale is a big one. You probably take several weeks or months to make it. Once you put your property up for sale, it is important to arrange your home to get the best possible asking price in the current market. The longer a home languishes on the market, the more likely it is for the offered price to be considerably lower than what the original price was.

Want to optimize your profits or speed up the sale of your home? Give us a call to learn more about the recommended strategies for staging your home!

5 Tips for Selling Your Home Around the Holidays

If you’re thinking of selling your home but want to wait for spring and good weather to arrive, you’re not alone. Many people take this approach to selling their home. However, there’s no real reason to wait. Sure, the weather will be better but there are some distinct advantages to selling your home around the holidays. Read on to find out why you should think twice about waiting to put your home on the market — and how to make your home more appealing during the winter season.

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Final Event of 2018: Free Home Buyers & Sellers Happy Hour at Surf House

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home buyers and sellers event

Your very last chance to get insider tips and tricks for home buyers and sellers from Troyce Gatewood, nominated one of Frederick County’s best Realtors in the Frederick News Post’s Best of the Best competition.

These free home buyer and seller happy hour events are the only way to get the info you need to have a successful, profitable home selling or buying experience with a local expert and award winning Realtor.

No matter what stage of the process you are in, whether you are a first time home buyer, a seller, an investor, or just thinking about trying to buy, this event will help you understand how the Troyce Gatewood & Partners difference helps buyers, sellers, and investors save money and enjoy a seamless home buying or selling transaction in record time.

Here’s what you’ll learn about at one of our Home Buyers and Sellers Events:

  • Exactly what Troyce and her expert team does to help you move your home from listed to contract in less than 15 days,
  • The amazing benefits available to those who sell a home with Troyce Gatewood & Partners,
  • The available savings programs that only Troyce Gatewood & Partners clients can take advantage of,
  • How to save money on the purchase of a home as a nonprofit employee,
  • How Troyce stages and markets her homes that allow her to standout from the competition,
  • What Troyce’s partnerships can do for you as an investor,
  • Inside tips about the Frederick County real estate market,
  • What brings our clients back to us over and over again,
  • And so much more!

October 2, 2018 we will be hosting our final home buyers and sellers event of the year.

This is your last chance to come out, enjoy a free evening of drinks and appetizers at one of our favorite local eateries, get to know Troyce and her team, and learn how you can have the best home buying or selling experience possible without any contracts or money out of your pocket.

Let us treat you to an evening of information and fun.

Every one of these events fills to capacity, so don’t wait! Call the babysitter, put it in your calendar, and RSVP ‘Surf House’ to 31996 now to get on the list!

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You’re Invited to a Free Happy Hour!

Join Troyce Gatewood & Partners on July 17th, from 6:15 to 8pm at Jojo’s Taphouse in Frederick.

This event, geared at buyers, sellers, and investors is your chance to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of one of Frederick’s favorite dining locations while also learning how one of Frederick’s top selling Realtors sells homes in just 13 days. With Troyce’s expert tips, you can finally understand the Frederick real estate market and how to win when it comes to buying and selling homes.

No gimmicks, no short cuts, just the real deal on how to enjoy a financially profitable, honest, and safe buy or sale of a home.

No matter what stage of the buying or selling process you’re in, this event is for you!

We’re providing drinks and light fare for anyone who attends the event and all attendees will also receive a $20 giftcard to Jojo’s!

To get a ticket, RSVP to our event on Facebook and we will direct message it to you.

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We can’t wait to see you next week!

Time to Sell? 5 Signs That May Tell You It’s Time to Sell Your House

Selling your home is a big decision that requires careful consideration. It can be hard to decide to let go of your home and put it up for sale and choosing when the best time to do that can feel like quite a daunting task.

Here are some factors to consider while making this big decision.

Time to Sell? 5 Signs That May Tell You It’s Time to Sell Your House

Your family is growing- or shrinking

Are you welcoming more children to the family? Or sending children off to college? If you’re feeling too cramped in your home or have more space than needed, it’s a good idea to think about selling.

Prices have gone up in your neighborhood

If you have seen houses similar to yours in your neighborhood sell quickly and at good prices then there is a good chance yours can too! This also means that the market is strong and it is a good time to be a seller.

Interest rates are low

If interest rates are low, which they currently are, this is good for you as a seller because that means more people are open to buying. Also, this makes affording your next home more manageable.

Remodeling won’t offer a return on your investment

It is a hassle to go through a home remodel, and sometimes you won’t get any money back on your investment. Because of this, it is easier and less risky to sell your house without a remodel if you are happy with the market value.

You’re starting to consider schools for your kids

When looking at schools for your kids, public or private, relocating might be necessary. Since your children’s education is so important this often plays a big factor in a family’s decision to move.

Thinking about selling? Check out our awesome home valuation app and then give us a call –Troyce Gatewood & Partners are always happy to advise potential clients.

The Best Colors to Pick for Your Home to Sell For More Money

When it comes time to sell your home, naturally you’re also going to do some improvements.

A few coats of paint, fresh carpeting, and some attention to landscaping can really make a difference in your bottom line.

But, did you know that which color you choose to paint can make a major difference in your sell price and even time on market?

It may sound crazy, but the color you paint your kitchen can actually cost you or earn you quite a bit of money!

If you’re in the market to sell and need to make some cosmetic updates to your home, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to wall colors.

The Best (and Worst) Colors to Pick for Your Home to Sell For More Money

What color should I paint my kitchen?

According to Zillow’s research on which colors to choose, homeowners trying to sell should first consider blue. Homes with light blue or soft gray-blue kitchens sold for an average of $1,809 more.

You don’t have to pick blue, but definitely don’t pick yellow!

This seemingly cheery color in straw yellow and marigold shades can be quite depressing to home sellers. It caused homes to sell for an average of $820 less.

What color should I paint my bathrooms?

Bathroom color seems to be a huge deal breaker for potential buyers. For those who chose to go with white (or off-white/eggshell), their homes sold for an average of $4,035.

So, definitely skip the white and do it in favor of something in the blue/purple family –think periwinkle and powder blue, because those homes sold for an average of $5,440 more!

What color should I paint my bedroom?

You may notice a theme here because people seem to love various shades of blue throughout a home. Sellers who elected to go with a light cerulean to cadet blue in the bedroom were rewarded with average selling prices of $1,856 more.

What color should I paint my dining room?

Blue wins again in the dining room while red (brick red, terracotta, and copper red) should be avoided. Think about going with a slate blue or a navy with white shiplap as an option in the dining room. Homes in these colors resulted in an average sale of $1,926 more.

What color should I paint my living room.

This seems to be the only room where blue isn’t helping sellers. Homes with blue living rooms sold for $820 less on average.

Instead, go for brown in the living room. A nice light beige, pale taupe, or oatmeal color will result in a sell that is $1,809 more on average.

What color should I paint my front door?

It’s amazing how important front door colors are to people. Zillow’s study says that gray/blue (navy to charcoal) is the winner here. Homes with doors in one of these shades will sell for $1,514 more on average.

Thinking about other improvements you need to make? Check out this post before you get out the hammer: 5 Home Improvement Projects Worth Doing Before You Sell

Frederick County Real Estate Market Update March, 2018

The spring selling season is well underway and homes in Frederick County are selling faster this spring than they did in spring, 2017.

Since the start of 2018, Troyce Gatewood & Partners have seen several homes go under contract. We are eager to help you buy or sell a home this season too.

Learn about the current market trends in Frederick County and then contact us to find out how you can buy or sell a home with us.

Frederick County Real Estate Market: March, 2018

The median sell price for March 2018 is $310,000, compared to $271,000 in March, 2017.

Frederick County Real Estte Median Home Sale Price

The average days on market for March, 2018 was 69, compared to 81 in March, 2017.

Frederick County real estate days on market

Frederick County saw 348 homes go to closing in March, 2018, compared to 327 closings in March, 2017.

Frederick County real estate number of homes sold 2018

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Free Homebuyers & Sellers Beer & Wine Tasting Event

Everyone is invited!

Come join us for this fun, informative, and complete free event to help you learn how we sell homes 5x faster than the competition in Frederick.

You will be treated to a gourmet lunch with a beer and wine tasting brought to you buy Orion Liquors.

Get time to mingle with friends. Acquaint yourself with the Urbana community. Meet some of the top real estate professionals in the area.

Buyers will get information about the buying process, learn about the current market, and find great ways to save money on buying a home.

Sellers, learn how the Troyce Gatewood Difference helps our sellers sell their homes quickly and for top dollar.



3 Things to Know About the Frederick County Real Estate Market

Real estate around the nation has experienced a positive trend in the last year. Homes are selling more quickly and for more money than they were in the past.

What does that mean for Frederick County?

It means now is the time to sell!

3 Things to Know About the Frederick County Real Estate Market

Frederick County homes are selling more quickly.

In 2016, the average days on market was 72 days. That number experienced quite the drop in 2017 with the average days on market decreasing 23.6% to 55. That means buyers are shopping and ready to buy. Homes that are priced right and move-in ready are going to benefit from this.

Thanks to the Troyce Gatewood Difference, homes staged, marketed, and listed by Trocye Gatewood & Partners sell in an average of 13 days. That is 42 days less than the area average! At the start of 2018, we have even blown our own average out of the water. Homes we’ve listed this year have, on average, only been on the market for 5 days before going under contract.

frederick county homes market report median sale price

Frederick County homes are selling at higher prices.

The home market is not only moving more quickly, but selling at higher prices. In 2016, the median home sale price in Frederick County was $282,100. In 2017, that number increased over six percent to, $301,402. With the influx of new construction and eager buyers, we anticipate that 2018 will see even higher median sale prices across the county and surrounding areas.

troyce gatewood frederick realtor

Frederick County sellers need to make their homes stand out.

With the positive market trends, people are eager to take advantage and sell their homes while the market is hot. And buyers have gotten more informed and more discerning. Not as many people are looking for fixer uppers –they want ready to live in homes they can begin to enjoy immediately. If you want your home to stand out among the new builds and the other sellers, it’s important that you make an effort to present a superior product to your potential buyers.

You want to catch your buyer the moment they pull into your driveway and you want them to leave knowing they have found the home for themselves. Troyce Gatewood specializes in creating that stellar product for her sellers. With our knowledge and support staff of trained experts, we can help your home be the diamond in the rough.

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