Tips to Increase Winter Curb Appeal

Guide to Winter Curb Appeal

Everyone in the process of selling a home has heard about the importance of curb appeal.

Like all first impressions, the first impression your home makes on a potential buyer is an important part of their overall decision making process.

But winter weather adds another layer to the mix. You can rely on your lush green grass and spring plantings to make your home look cheery, and poor weather can create other hurdles to keeping your home front clean and enticing to potential buyers.

If your home is on the market in the winter and you want to ensure your curb appeal stays high, here are some easy fixes you can do that won’t break the bank.

Tips to Increase Winter Curb Appeal

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal: 5 Cheap and Easy Fixes for Winter

Keep the lights on.

After daylight savings time kicks in and the days get shorter, you will want to ensure that the outdoors of your property is remains well lit for showings. For safety reasons, if you’re not living at the home and able to turn the lights on each evening, think about installing a timer or solar powered lights to ensure your potential buyers aren’t left walking up to a dark home.

Shovel away that snow.

You want your walkways to remain safe and accessible even when the snow begins to fall. Make sure you keep them snow and ice free to reduce slips and falls.

Add some color.

Winter won’t allow for natural color from foliage so you may need to add in some of your own. Paint your door a bright color (it probably could use a touch up anyway!), add a pretty wreath and an inviting doormat, and think about adding some winter-friendly potted plants if possible.

Clean your windows.

It’s amazing the difference bright, clean windows can make to a home. Not only will it make your home look brighter and cleaner as people approach, inside will get more light as well.

Get your yard in order.

Just because the grass doesn’t need to be cut, doesn’t mean your yard isn’t in need of some maintenance in the winter. Rake away leaves left from fall, cut back overgrown trees and bushes to expose more of your facade, and haul away branches and other debris that rough weather can sweep into the area.

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