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Simplify Your Move: 15 Moving Tips to Help Make Your Next Move a Breeze

The papers are signed and you’ve got the keys in hand, and now it’s time for the part you’ve been dreading: moving!

The actual act of packing up your life’s belongings and moving them to a new location is something none of us look forward.

But, it doesn’t have to be the nightmare you’re imaging.

There are things you can do to make your experience smoother and easier for yourself and your family.

15 Moving Tips to Help Make Your Next Move a Breeze

Label everything.

What’s inside and what room it will go into as well.

Search community and yard sale pages on Facebook for free boxes.

People are constantly giving them away and getting a bunch of lightly used ones for free can save you loads of money.

Use your clothes as packing supplies.

Wrap glass items that may be breakable in your clothes! Those pajama pants might as well do more than keep you cozy on Saturday night.

Clean before you move.

If you have time, run over to your new residence and clean up before you move in. It’s also a great time to throw up a fresh coat of paint if needed. It’s way easier to get stuff freshened up without having to climb around boxes and errant furniture.

Don’t unpack your drawers.

Leave the items inside and cover them with saran wrap. They can be their own boxes!

Wrap your furniture in plastic.

It will keep it from getting torn or stained.

Hire help.

Getting friends to pitch in may seem more cost effective, but if you have a lot of valuable or heavy items to haul, you may want to pay for the pros.

Set up your utilities.

In advance. Especially your Internet service. Sometimes they take weeks to get an appointment for someone to come out and, if you don’t want to live without your wifi, you will want to call as early as possible to get on the schedule.

Arrange to have your donations picked up.

You’ve already got plenty of stuff to move. Call a donation service that does pick ups and ask them to come by your house. It will mean one less truckload for you to manage.

Smaller is better.

At least when it comes to boxes. If you have a bunch of big boxes, you’re more likely to fill them up, making them too heavy to carry easily. Go for smaller boxes that you can fill and move without breaking your back. You will likely only need a few large boxes for certain items.

Put in a change of address.

Do it about two weeks before you move so you can start getting your mail and not have to worry about losing things.

Sign your kids up for their new school.

If you’re staying in district, the move should be pretty seamless, if you’re not, you may want to ask for a copy of their records you can carry with you.

And find new doctors too.

Just like you’ll need to take the school records with you, if you will need to change doctors you will want to ask for records that you can take yourself. It will eliminate a long wait time when you find your new practitioners.

Don’t lose money.

Take care of any fees or fines you may have. They aren’t going to go away and settling up in advance will make your entire move more seamless. Also, if you have a deposit on the place you are leaving, make time to clean and repair as much as you can to ensure you get your money back.

Give yourself time.

Start packing early and give yourself a couple of days to move. If you know you’re moving, you can plan ahead. It will allow you to pack and move in a much more relaxed and organized fashion meaning you will likely suffer fewer breakages and injuries.

And, be sure to use your handy moving check list!

Moving Tips Checklist

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