7 of Troyce’s Secrets to Selling Your Home Fast

Lindsey Wigfield

We pride ourselves on selling homes quickly without sacrificing price. How are we so good at it? Part of the reason is that we have a stellar team of agents who go above and beyond for clients, led by the 2018 Best Real Estate Agent in Frederick, Troyce Gatewood. Here are a few of her tips for selling your home fast.

Want to sell your home fast?

  1. Get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection: This magical report is done before your home goes on the market. A home inspector will come in and go through every inch of your property. Then they will provide you with a full report of what needs to be fixed.

  2. Let in the Natural Light: Sunlight is a mood booster and frankly, any home looks better with natural light coming through the windows. If there’s a bush or tree blocking the view, trim it or consider taking it down. Be sure to clean those windows and doors, too.

  3. Declutter: Rooms look so much better with fewer things in them. Moyer & Sons offers De-Clutter Discounts that can help you during the process. Be sure to ask them for the Troyce Gatewood & Partners discount package!

  4. Make a Great First Impression: Curb appeal is a real thing. We all want to be proud of our homes! Pull those weeds, plant flowers, sweep that porch. You have one shot to make a great first impression.

  5. Remove all Personal Items: We know you love your kids and are proud of their achievements. But please put away the family photos, trophies, and ribbons. You want prospects to feel like this is their home.

  6. Deep Clean Your Home: Prospective buyers are going to be looking everywhere; even kitchen cupboards. Clean up the rice that fell out of the bag a few years ago and dust your floorboards. A clean home is a home that sells quickly!

  7. Call Troyce at 301-379-9441: Selling your home quickly doesn’t happen by “quick tips” alone. There are a lot of other factors that cannot be explained by anyone but a real estate agent with 17+ years of experience and a track record for selling homes 6x’s faster. Give us a call to get started!


We focus on every detail to help sell your home. Together we are here for you to make the process of selling a house an enjoyable experience.

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