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What's the TGP Difference?

As a new real estate agent, or one who's been in the business for years, what team you join is an important choice to your personal and professional growth. We don't take that choice lightly, so that's why we are transparent in how being a part of our team is different. First and foremost, we need to make sure we're a right fit for you just as much as you're a fit for our team. 

Team Culture

Team Culture

Team support, growth opportunities, team outings, community, bonding experiences, & more!

Leads & Income Opportunities

Leads & Income Opportunities

TGP is a Premier Member of Zillow's Flex Program. Guaranteeing 15 qualified leads per month with no upfront expense to you. We also have passive income & investment opportunities. 



Gone are the days you pay for broker fees, office space, admin support, and client events. Add that money back to your wallet. 

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TGP Homes Real Estate Agent 

Whereas: Agents are licensed Realtors who specialize in working with buyers and/or sellers. Agent agrees 
to perform the following business activities.

Buyer Agent agrees to the following: 

  • Hold an active Maryland license or be in the process of obtaining.
  • Agree to abide by the TGP Homes policies and procedures.
  • Agent understands that attitude, appearance, service and skills reflect upon TGP Homes and their reputation. Therefore, any significant deficiency of any of the above can result in termination.
  • Agent understands that TGP Homes maintains a high standard for performance and 
    agrees to uphold that standard. Agent will always act professionally visually, verbally, physically and 
    in attitude. Agent will wear professional work attire suitable for the real estate industry while 
  • Remain in good standing with BRIGHT and will pledge to continue to maintain such good standing.
  • Agent agrees to cover a team member's business when they are not available, sick or on vacation or at 
    business-related events. The GOLDEN RULE is followed in these scenarios without any required 
    compensation. In return, TGP Homes agrees to cover Agent's business when they are 
    not available, sick, on vacation or at business-related events with no additional compensation.
  • Time off and vacations are encouraged for all team members, however, time needs to be coordinated 
    with team to ensure proper business coverage during Agent absence. Notify Director of Operations 
    with dates of time off.
  • Promptly notify TGP Homes of any real estate related matters and concerns outside 
    his/her comfort level and expertise as well as any clients that have become unhappy or dissatisfied

Agent Daily/Weekly Activities 

  •  Roleplay/Script practice as mandated by the Team Lead. We don’t practice on our clients. Know how 
    to listen, what to say, say it naturally and communicate effectively. Roleplay time is to be devoted to 
    scripts and objection handling. Times are dictated by the Director of Team Development.
  • Power Hour: Agents will call leads and set appointments. The Power Hour will take place at the office 
    and is mandatory. Days and times are dictated by the Director of Team Development.
  • Database Management: Agents will build and maintain their client/lead/strategic partner database. 
    Training in this process will take place during the initial 90-day introductory period.
  • Training Sessions: Mandatory training will be conducted by the Director of Team Development at 
    TGP Homes training room. Days and times are updated from time to time.
  • Team Meetings: Team meetings are mandatory and are held weekly. Additional mandatory meetings 
    may be scheduled from time to time.

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We're a top-rated team, with a wealth of knowledge in the area. If you are interested in joining our team, fill out your information below. Inquire below and email your resume to [email protected]

Building A Company Culture

We believe in bringing together like minded team members that compose themselves with integrity, passion, loyalty, and determination. They carry a healthy level of competition in their soul, are constantly perfecting their craft and embrace life. They are committed to letting their skills and successes serve as the foundation to better suport the communities in which we all serve. 

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