TGP Gives

Bettering our community through acts of kindness and generosity

TGP Gives was founded on the mission to better our community through acts of kindness and generosity. We aim to impart the significance of giving in the communities we call home.

A Talk on Giving

by Joe Gatewood, TGP Gives President 



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Frederick Sports Mural

Our newest project! We are working with Community Arts Inc. to create a one-of-a-kind mural that will feature a collage of athletes who hail from Frederick County.

Kindness in the community


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Days of Giving

The TGP Gives team hits the streets of Frederick to do some random acts of kindness. You may have seen us on 40 pumping gas for strangers, strolling down Market Street buying lunches for anyone & everyone, or popping in and out of coffee shops all over town. 

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TGP Movie Nights

You may have seen the big LED screen at the Frederick Fairgrounds this past Spring/Fall. That was us! We worked every showing to give food to those in need, fun gifts and good vibes to everyone who shared the evening with us. 

"Giving to others is the greatest gift you can give yourself"

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Contact us today if you are interested in being a giving partner, participate in our days of giving, or would just like more information on TGP Gives!

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