Cheap Ways to Add Aesthetic Value to Your Home

I work with buyers who don’t want to settle and nor should they! Buying a home is typically the largest purchase of your life and it should be perfect for you. However, you will never find THE perfect home. I work with my clients to show them how to make small updates that make a huge difference in the appearance and feel of their home.

1. Hardware

First things first, update that hardware. Polished brass was a common pick for home owners and as styles change and evolve, the hardware is often forgotten. When you move into your new home, you can replace all of the door hardware yourself. Black and bronze are very popular picks. If you want a little more, go for brushed bronze. There are even hardware options that wear over time and change color for a different effect. Amazon is a great place to find hardware at a reasonable price.

Don’t forget your door hinges too!

If you’re on a tight budget, you can spray paint them too. Just make sure you prime and pick a durable paint.

Lastly, kitchen hardware. I feel like people love to express themselves with their kitchen design. Don’t be afraid to go a little outside of your comfort zone.

2. Outlets, Switches and Wall Plates

It’s no secret that over the years, styles have trended towards crisp and clean. All outlets, switches, and switch plates used to be ivory. It looks tired and dirty. Use oversized white wall plates and splurge for the metal ones, they are only a little bit more and look much better. You can switch out the outlets and switches too, but you might want to call an electrician. It’s fairly easy to do but you need to be very carful with anything electric because you could cause a fire if done incorrectly. Each piece is about a buck so with very little investment, you will update your space to the 21st century.

3. Replace Interior Doors

Now before we get too far ahead, this is going to be pricier and a little more labor-intensive than the first two options BUT so worth it! Hollow doors without panels just look and feel cheap. There’s no sugar coating it. You can pick-up a 6-panel door at Home Depot for $70 dollars. You will need to paint, install, then add hardware so it’s not a quick fix. It does make a huge difference. It will make your home look more expensive without breaking the bank.

4. Paint

Ah, paint. I love paint. Make sure you pick-up a decent paint that gives you good coverage. It will also paint better. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, or McCormick have decent paints. Work with a color specialist at one of these places. They will work with you and show you the best options based off your space. I can’t recommend this enough – use your experts! I love Benjamin Moore and have brought them rugs or the like to compare colors and get a professional opinion.

5. Feature Wall

Another way to spice up your space is to add a feature wall. You can hire someone to do it or DIY if you have the right tools. Board and batten or picture molding are both popular choices right now. You need to make sure it makes sense and the

6. Lighting

Probably the most expensive of the options would be to update lighting fixtures. Replace those old “boob” lights with something more your style. You may want to call an electrician if you don’t have the tools or skillset, and this will add cost, but it will transform your space.


We focus on every detail to help sell your home. Together we are here for you to make the process of selling a house an enjoyable experience.

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