Historical Interior Design Trends Making a Comeback in 2023

1. Floor Level Seating


Floor level seating gained huge traction in middle of the 20th century and saw a decrease in popularity after televisions became a household staple. While most people orient their living spaces to be centered around their televisions, we are starting to see people shift their design choices to be more conversationally pleasing. While our screens are becoming smaller and more compact, people are losing interest in less tv oriented designs, giving way for this retro style to make its comeback with some modern flare. 

2. Circular Designs 

First saw its rise in the 1960’s as these futuristic feature statement pieces. The circle is considered, particularly in architectural settings, a very difficult shape to work with. Because of this, rectangles and squares are now a furnishing standard. However, a very general distaste for uniformity in design has been a very popular sentiment as of late, so we’re predicting a circle renaissance in the near future.

3. Secretaire Desks 

These desks rose to popularity in the 1700’s in France and were sometimes fitted with hidden compartments to hide things like jewelry or money. With more people working from home, people are craving more functional workspaces that are aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

4. Glass Bricks

Became popular in the 1930’s. A go-to material choice for the art-deco style building and they remain common throughout the mid-century modern movement. In recent years, glass has been used heavily in high-rise buildings, creating a bright, airy, modern feel in today’s lifestyle. While it was all the rage in the early 2000’s, people are now rejecting the ever-so-popular open floorplans and tend to find creative ways to separate the space within their homes. Glass bricks are a great way to add character and separation, without detracting from your homes original charm.


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