How to Brighten Your Home - Without Lights

  • Paint ceiling white
  • Bright accent colors
  • Look for natural inspiration from the seasons. Tip: take note of your favorite colors when you’re out and about. 
  • White lamp shade reflects light vs. absorbing it
  • If bright white doesn’t work, use lighter shades
  • Use large mirrors to reflect light and create an additional “window” in the space
Additional Lighting Tips
  • Adding a large overhead light to a dark room, creates a focal point showing the room is dark
  • Shadows create a harsh look to a room
  • Can lights disperse light throughout the space and eliminate shadows
  • Add a dimmer switch! Creates ambiance and warmth while allowing for different levels of lights
  • Spotlights on art or specific design elements in a room also bring in light and interest.


Source: “But Where Do I Put the Couch?” – Melissa Michaels & Kari Anne Wood


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