How to Satisfy Your Great Frederick Fair Food Cravings

Lindsey Wigfield

The Great Frederick Fair may be canceled this year, but you can still enjoy some of the special treats that you find there. We’ve rounded up a list of the best fair food and where you can find it in Frederick. Hopefully, it makes you feel a little better to know that you’re supporting local business through a challenging time.

Updated 9/10/2020 – We’re excited to announce Troyce Gatewood & Partners Fall Movie Nights at the Frederick Fairgrounds! Click here for more information.

The Treats We’re Missing this Year (and Satisfying Alternatives)

Kettle Corn

Who doesn’t love grabbing a bag of kettle corn to munch on while you walk around? Instead of going to the trouble of making it yourself, consider trying the kettle corn from The Original Popcorn House in Downtown Frederick.

Pig Slop

If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying this delicacy from The Pighole, you are missing out. It’s one container that starts with cornbread on the bottom, followed by a layer of macaroni and cheese, and then a delicious BBQ to top it off. I like to add coleslaw, too. Luckily, these bad boys are located in Brunswick! We confirmed that you can order their signature dish from the Brunswick location…AND rumor has it they will have a food truck come October! That’s exciting news!

Root Beer Float

Nothing can truly replace The Root Beer Truck. The truck itself is a cool piece of machinery and the owners are easily the best dressed of any of the food/beverage vendors. But if it’s a root beer float you’re after, try Pretzel Pizza Creations. They have a root beer float kit that you can take home or they can create one for you.

Ice Cold Lemonade

If it’s the freshly squeezed you’re after, look no further than Surf House Maryland to quench your thirst. They also have some amazing homemade desserts.

We’re still looking for a Lime Fizz replacement but that’s proven to be a little harder to come by. Let us know if you found a place.

Funnel Cake

There are multiple vendors at the Great Frederick Fair that provide funnel cakes. You might add a topping like chocolate or strawberries, or enjoy it plain. 4 The Love of Sweets on West Patrick Street offers funnel cake fries as the perfect alternative. Extra bonus: the fries are easier to eat.

Sausage w/Peppers and Onions

A favorite among fairgoers, the sausage, peppers, and onions sandwich from Coy’s Concessions is a mouthful of happiness. With the added bummer of Doner Bistro closing (a place known for its awesome sausages), you might be wondering where to get your next great link. The answer is Chaps Pit Beef. Rick Weldon, President and CEO of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce says, “Chaps sausage is on point!” – How’s that for a recommendation?

Maryland Crab Cake

The Great Frederick Fair is the perfect place to find a delicious crab cake sandwich. Personally, Callahan’s Seafood Bar & Grill has always been a favorite when it comes to crab. Especially since their crab dip comes in a bread bowl. We’re fortunate to live in an area with a lot of options, so why not try them all? Dutch’s DaughterRagin’ Reef, and JB Seafood (they’re usually at the fair) – are also worth trying.

Fried Oreos

We can’t forget about the plethora of fried treats at the fair. Fear not, my friend. The Great Frederick Fair is not your once-a-year opportunity to eat these deliciously unhealthy Oreos. Pretzel Pizza Creations offers “pretzel-wrapped Oreos” and “pretzel-wrapped Reeses” that are as mouthwatering as the food at the fairgrounds. Go ahead and try them!

There’s no replacement for The Great Frederick Fair. We love seeing the animals and browsing the contest winners, riding the rides, and playing all the games. Looking at the farm equipment and running into old friends. There is something satisfying about not having to wait until next year to enjoy our favorite sweets, though. This year, take the time to visit and support a local business to satisfy your Great Frederick Fair food cravings.

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