ICYMI: Highlights from the Home Buyer/Seller Happy Hour in Urbana

Lindsey Wigfield

We hosted our first Happy Hour of 2019 last week and all the feedback indicates it was a hit! In case you missed it, we’ll be having our second one at Jojo’s Taphouse & Restaurant on April 9th, 2019 from 6-8pm. Click here to register.

Event Highlights

  1. Culinary Chick impressed us all with their appetizers. From beef crostini with pesto to mini quiches, chicken satay and peanut sauce, and coconut curry scallops, they really know how to bring on the bang for our tastebuds. My favorite was the Cajun shrimp and grits! If you have a party or event coming up and need a caterer, be sure to check them out.

  2. Orion gave everyone a taste of craft beer and fine wine. This was a great opportunity to try something new, and not feel guilty if it wasn’t your thing! Go ahead and give that coconut porter a taste. As one attendee stated, “I RSVP’d as soon as I saw there would be wine!” We’re glad you did – sip, sip, hooray!

  3. Dan dropped knowledge bombs. We won’t reveal too much since we’ll be discussing this at our April Happy Hour (don’t miss it!) but Dan walked us through the current market conditions, how the health of the market is determined, and what to expect this year.

  4. Troyce proved why she’s the Best of the BestWe all love a good story, especially when it’s real life. Troyce told us all a few examples of situations where a home was on the market for a very long time (6 months+) with another real estate agent and the sheer stress that was having on the homeowners. She was able to look at the property with fresh eyes and make decisions that led to results…like the homes being sold in less than 30 days for a higher price than previously. Selling homes is kind of her thing.

Special thanks goes out to Suzanne Patton and Certified Title for sponsoring this event!

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