Painting Dictionary

Devon Beckner

Overwhelmed at the paint store? I’ve got you covered!

Paint is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to change a space and here’s the breakdown of which type of paints to use for your home.

Flat Paint

No light reflection, more forgiving of flaws. Good for ceilings and low traffic areas. Tip: high traffic areas with frequent scuffs and scrapes will be a tough to clean if you use a flat paint

Matte Paint

Almost as shine-free at flat, Withstands frequent washing. Lends to luxury look. Tip: I love Aura Bath & Spa – works in a high moisture room and is very durable

Eggshell Paint

Most popular, low sheen, but more durable. Easy-to-clean, nearly shine-free finish, suited for most areas of a home.

Pearl Paint

Medium gloss, high durability. Easy to clean. Lends dimension to trim but optimal for walls in high-traffic areas. Versatile.

Satin Paint

Delivers higher gloss than eggshell, offering better stain resistance and durability than lower sheens like eggshell.

Semi-Gloss Paint

Great for millwork, trim, and doors. Durable and has a furniture-like finish.

High Gloss Paint

Mirror-like finish. Extremely durable. Easy to clean, stain-resistant and great for doors, trim, and even kitchens. Better for professional painters, requires solid prep work because it will show imperfections on a surface.


Source: Benjamin Moore


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