Selling in the Spring: Is It Your Best Option?

Steve McIntyre

Selling a home in the Spring is the best time, right? The mindset of most people who are selling a home, generally, feel that Spring is the best time. The issue becomes, everyone else who is thinking that. You now have substantially more competition with your listing. It’s true – Spring is ideal for anyone with children that are wanting to change schools at a convenient time, and we all get a little bit giddy when the weather warms, don’t we!

The important part to remember is that – just because there are more buyers doesn't necessarily mean there is a buyer for your home! With more competition, your home has to be competitive or you’re likely to get less than you expected, be on the market longer (so frustrating cleaning every day!), or the possibility that your home won’t sell at all. Everyone starts to get busy around mid-May; with graduations, school letting out, vacations and summer fun, the market tends to thin out. Being on the market through Spring and into Summer, can have some serious consequences! Preparation and presentation are key! 


3 Quick Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for the Spring Market 

1. Paint

Paint is a great way to “freshen” up the feel in your home. So, you just love that Sicilian Wine Red color in your dining room?! It reminds you of Friday night, cozied up with a fresh bowl of pasta and a glass of your favorite Pinot Noir – who doesn’t love that!? Well, for the most part, your average buyer today is looking for a more neutral color… something that speaks to the tune of “soft and tranquil.” 

2. Landscaping

The trees are green again, the flowers are blooming with palettes of color, and the fresh smell of sunshine and rain. Curb appeal is so important! Freshening up garden beds with maintainable, yet colorful plants can really make the front of your home POP! This is not a task for anyone, though. A colorful yet subtle arrangement can go far, but too much can do exactly the opposite. We don’t want buyers to think “maintenance” every-time they pull up for a showing. You guessed it! 


3. Spring Cleaning

Finally! Deep clean. We all just love that fresh smell that comes with Spring. The curb appeal looks great, the paint reminds us of the beautiful natural sunlight coming in and….ah! The cracks and crevices are filled with pet fair, shoes being tossed out of the way, and your favorite meal filling the house with airborne grease! Buyers will be alarmed! They’ll think, “if this house is this filthy, what else have they overlooked?” That is the absolute last thing we want in a buyer's mind when walking through their potential future home.


There is plenty more to share with you about how we get our homes ready for to hit the market. You are probably thinking, “this is going to cost me a lot, to do what they are suggesting!” Well – it may cost you a lot more when you’ve been on the market for longer than the average, still trying to sell in July, and that first offer feels like they have a real shot with a low offer because “nobody else wants it either.” Give us a call today for a consultation. We are happy to give our time to see where we can help you achieve your goals in selling your home! Best of all…it’s free, because we know that we will offer the most! 


We focus on every detail to help sell your home. Together we are here for you to make the process of selling a house an enjoyable experience.

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