The Best Cocktail Restaurants in Downtown Frederick

Dan Chlebowski

With all of the character and diversity that is offered in Downtown Frederick, MD there are great mixologists all around. In my humble opinion here are the best depending on what you are looking for in a drink.


Best Experience: Hootch and Banter 

From their award-winning bartenders to their lively atmosphere, Hootch offers an assortment of carefully crafted cocktails that are both refreshing and robust.  Great place to just pop in for once drink or to make a night out of it. 

Most Creative: Tenth Ward Distilling 

This local distiller adds many unique tastes and interpretations of classic drinks that will keep you guessing. 

Strongest: Firestones 

Buckle Up! These skilled bartenders do not mess around when pouring.  Always tasty but makes sure you order some of their amazing food if you plan to stick around for more than one.  I personally do not mind the pours and enjoy the bang for your buck.  + 


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