The Best Colors to Pick for Your Home to Sell For More Money

Troyce Gatewood

When it comes time to sell your home, naturally you’re also going to do some improvements.

A few coats of paint, fresh carpeting, and some attention to landscaping can really make a difference in your bottom line.

But, did you know that which color you choose to paint can make a major difference in your sell price and even time on market?

It may sound crazy, but the color you paint your kitchen can actually cost you or earn you quite a bit of money!

If you’re in the market to sell and need to make some cosmetic updates to your home, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to wall colors.

The Best (and Worst) Colors to Pick for Your Home to Sell For More Money

What color should I paint my kitchen?

According to Zillow’s research on which colors to choose, homeowners trying to sell should first consider blue. Homes with light blue or soft gray-blue kitchens sold for an average of $1,809 more.

You don’t have to pick blue, but definitely don’t pick yellow!

This seemingly cheery color in straw yellow and marigold shades can be quite depressing to home sellers. It caused homes to sell for an average of $820 less.

What color should I paint my bathrooms?

Bathroom color seems to be a huge deal breaker for potential buyers. For those who chose to go with white (or off-white/eggshell), their homes sold for an average of $4,035.

So, definitely skip the white and do it in favor of something in the blue/purple family –think periwinkle and powder blue, because those homes sold for an average of $5,440 more!

What color should I paint my bedroom?

You may notice a theme here because people seem to love various shades of blue throughout a home. Sellers who elected to go with a light cerulean to cadet blue in the bedroom were rewarded with average selling prices of $1,856 more.

What color should I paint my dining room?

Blue wins again in the dining room while red (brick red, terracotta, and copper red) should be avoided. Think about going with a slate blue or a navy with white shiplap as an option in the dining room. Homes in these colors resulted in an average sale of $1,926 more.

What color should I paint my living room.

This seems to be the only room where blue isn’t helping sellers. Homes with blue living rooms sold for $820 less on average.

Instead, go for brown in the living room. A nice light beige, pale taupe, or oatmeal color will result in a sell that is $1,809 more on average.

What color should I paint my front door?

It’s amazing how important front door colors are to people. Zillow’s study says that gray/blue (navy to charcoal) is the winner here. Homes with doors in one of these shades will sell for $1,514 more on average.


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