Top Three Places to Hike in the DMV for the Best Fall Views

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This mountain has many trails and peaks to get a good view, but the most known is the Northern Peak Trail or “Blue Trail.” You will enjoy 5.5 miles of serene woods. Once you get to the top of the peak, you will be entranced with the lovely views of the surrounding Central Maryland area. This time of year is perfect to witness the colors of the leaves as they begin to change from green to orange. After your hike, you could stop and enjoy a nice glass of wine at the Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard! 

Check out these links for more info: Sugarloaf Trail Map
Virginia- Bearfence Mountain
Virginia has one of the oldest mountain ranges in our country, which creates the perfect opportunity for hiking trails! Although the trek to Shenandoah National Park may be long, it is totally worth it. The fall views from Bearfence Mountain are unrivaled to any other out there. This short hike features a 360-degree sweeping view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Since this trail is one of the shortest in the park, on your way back you can veer off and head to another summit. Shenandoah National Park features tons of hiking trails, camping, and lodging.

Check out this link for more info: Shenandoah National Park
Washington D.C.- Theodore Roosevelt Island
While the attraction to D.C. may not be for the hiking trails, don’t miss out on this one. Nestled in the city is a national park home to wildlife, hiking trails, and monuments. There are three distinct trails in this park. They are the Swamp Trail, Woods Trail, and Upland Trail. Each trail guides you through a very specific landscape, but the entire island is wooded making it perfect for a fall hike ready to see the trees and their annual change. After your hike, you can explore everything the city as to offer!

Check out this link for more info: Theodore Roosevelt Island
If good hiking spots are on your list of priorities, the DMV area does not disappoint. Ready to tour the available homes in the area? Give us a call.


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