Ways to Trick-or-Treat Safely This Year

Brittany Flohr

This year has come with a lot of ups and downs, but one thing is for sure; our society is adapting and finding new ways to do things we never knew would need innovating! With the holidays around the corner, families are wondering what the best ways are to continue traditions while being safe and continuing to use social distancing protocols. We decided to share some ideas with you.
Tips to Enjoying Your Spooky Night: 
  1. Choose a costume with a mask. Masks may feel like more of annoyance at times, but they do help us stay safe. We have finally arrived at the one day a year where masks are totally acceptable!
  2. Choose a costume with gloves. You may not want to put your hands into a candy bowl where others have been grabbing from, so dress your costume up with fun gloves.
  3. Work with your neighborhood to coordinate staggered trick-or-treating times. The best time to come together as a community is now. Work with your neighbors to create a staggered schedule so you don’t have the whole neighborhood out at once. This will help with keeping the crowd size down. 
  4. Mark out 6 feet increments in your driveway or front entrance for a line. Instead of the typical first one to the house gets the best candy rule, put out markers 6 feet apart to encourage that kids wait in line to get their candy. This will help with social distancing.
  5. Carry hand sanitizer and wipes. As you may already be doing, having hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes handy is always a good option.
Don’t feel comfortable going out? That’s fine! Make Halloween a family night. Here are some clever ideas to still get everyone involved.
  1. Tick-or-treat only at family and friend’s homes
  2. Hide candy throughout your home and create a scavenger hunt for the kids
  3. Gather trusted friends and family, decorate your cars, and have the kids “trunk-or-treat” between your cars

Whatever option you and your family decide to go with, make sure that you check your local news outlets to find out what regulations may be in place for your area. Every state and county have specific guidelines to keep us all safe. Happy Halloween, social distancing can be fun!


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