Words Are Powerful

Lindsey Gatewood

Words are powerful. One word can have many different meanings. One sentence can be said in a certain tone and have a positive impact, while the same sentence can be said in a different tone and have a very negative impact. Words can encourage, build up and inspire. Words can also tear down and destroy. When the right words are spoken at the right time, perspectives can change, people can be at peace. On the other hand, poorly chosen words can also start war. Our words hold much power. And the heart behind the words matter all the most.

You may wonder what this has to do with real estate. One main reason people do not want to use a real estate agent is because they do not trust their intentions; their heart behind their words. Unfortunately, the sales industry in America may have gotten to the best of us! We tend to think that anyone who is “selling” something doesn’t truly care about the buyer as a person, but is rather just after the buyers money. More so to build a consumer relationship. Fortunately, that is not what we represent. Troyce Gatewood & Partners is a team with moral values and are trustworthy market experts. We are here for our clients best interest, to sell homes fast or find dream homes our clients hope expectantly for.

At TG&P our slogan is, “Real service, Real results, Real estate.” You may smirk because it is a little cheesy, but we mean it (and enjoy the cheese)! We chose “real service” first because that is what we offer. True service is putting someone else’s needs, desires, and wants before oneself. We seek to serve, to know our clients, to understand them, their wants and needs. This helps us ultimately determine what they are looking for, what they may be afraid of, and helping them overcome those fears by providing service and the clarity of what they may not have previously understood. To serve is to put someone else completely before oneself and do everything in your power for their good. That is what we seek for our clients.

The second part of the slogan is “real results.” Real results come naturally from real service. When one puts in the diligent effort, the results will follow. When our clients sign a listing or buyers agreement with one of our agents, we do everything in our power to ensure their success. Our team includes Listing Coordinators, Assistants, a Transaction Coordinator, and other behind-the-scenes experts that help get the client’s home from Active to Under Contract to Sold in a very timely manner. We value our clients and know each home has special uniqueness to offer potential buyers. We focus on serving and the results are guaranteed to follow. We expect to receive results that are better than originally hoped for.

Last but not least is “real estate” and that’s what we are all about! We are honored to represent each buyer and seller that decides to put their trust in us. We value each of them, we value ourselves and we value our words. We mean what we say and we say what we mean. We offer real service to get real results in the wonderful world of real estate. Choose the team that cares about you.


We focus on every detail to help sell your home. Together we are here for you to make the process of selling a house an enjoyable experience.

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