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Joe Gatewood

Joe Gatewood

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As Managing Partner of TGP Homes, Joe’s primary role is to “grow” the business.  At the time that Troyce wanted to take her business from being a sole real estate agent to developing a team, Joe and Troyce spent a year planning their mission, vision and values as well as business model.  The focus was on creating an environment that would thrive on its intended culture and provide its agents and team members the ultimate chance for personal and business development and financial success.

Joe has fostered a culture in which giving is an essential facet to the vision of the business.  Each member of the TGP team donates a portion of their commission to support the communities in which we work.  After donating and helping raise over 3 million for local nonprofits, Joe established TGP Gives, a nonprofit whose mission is to better the community through random acts of kindness and generosity.  TGP Gives is specifically designed to allow the entire TGP team to engage and experience the value of giving.

“Troyce has always said that the environment in which she works each day is considered her “happy place”.  I took that mindset and work daily to expand that same feeling amongst each member of the TGP team.  Whether it be through team outings, community events, or simply daily interaction, I thrive on the principle of developing a happy place for every member of our team.”

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