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Serina Parwani

Serina Parwani


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Serina was born and raised in Montgomery County. She watched her hometown of cornfields, farmland, and gravel roads grow into the epic town that is Clarksburg today. After graduation, she worked exclusively in the food and beverage industry all while raising two small children as a single working mom. Serina has worked for some of the biggest craft breweries along the east coast including Dogfish Head and Flying Dog. As her life started to transition, she decided that she wanted to find a new career path. Serina was introduced to Troyce Gatewood & Partners in passing while working for Smoketown Brewing Co. during TGP’s team beer collaboration to give back to the community. She was amazed at what this team had been accomplishing for their community to help all people. After researching more about TGP and their involvement in the local scene, company culture and mission, she knew she HAD to be a part of it. Shortly thereafter she took a huge leap of faith and quit the service industry that had supported her family for 12 years and dove headfirst into real estate. Serina was confident that she would be able to accomplish anything with this amazing group of people behind her.  Today, Serina is utilizing her strong customer service skills she previously learned to provide the best buying and selling experience to her real estate clients. 


“My goal isn't to sell people houses. My goal is to provide people with comfort, stability, and support while finding their future home to make future memories. Having the opportunity to meet so many great people on their journey of home buying has been an amazing experience. My clients know that when they step into a home with me, they are getting an attentive and authentic agent on their side who is always looking out for their best interests. When I'm not opening doors and negotiating deals, you can find me snuggled up on the couch sipping on wine and watching horror movies. When I'm out and about I love supporting and exploring my local businesses by finding hidden gems in our very own communities. There are so many experiences to be had here and I'm just trying to do them all!”


Sales In The Past 12 Months

$15.3 M

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