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Victoria  Garey

Victoria Garey


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Being an avid traveler, Victoria’s had the opportunity to enjoy visiting more than 28 U.S. states, and over 10 countries. These trips have made her into the person she is today – traveling since a young age created Victoria’s passion for experiencing cultures, art, cuisine, and getting to know people from around the world. This passion evolved into the love of meeting and helping new people in her area. Living in one of these most transient areas in the country, right outside of Washington, DC, Victoria has the opportunity to meet people that come from a variety of backgrounds and help them realize their dreams. 

Victoria is a mom, artist, adventurer, and experienced real estate agent. Beyond the daily work routine, Victoria spends much of her time with her family – exploring the outdoors, visiting parks, having picnics, taking walks, and sharing life’s miracles with her husband and daughter. 

Knowing that the goal of buying a home can change someone’s life, and the outcome of selling a home is just as impactful, Victoria takes pride in staying thoroughly knowledgeable of all Maryland contracts. This expertise allows her to strategically negotiate for her sellers and buyers. 

If you’re looking for a charismatic agent to uphold your best interests, while your goal is to build, buy or sell a home, or buy and sell investments – Victoria is the agent for you! 


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