Everything You Need to Know About the Unity Campaign

Lindsey Wigfield

Five years ago, Joe Gatewood was approached by a local pastor who asked if he would take over raising money for what was then called the Frederick 48. It involved raising money for local non-profits. While the mission was inspiring, it wasn’t enough to get Joe to commit just yet. At least, that was until Joe and Troyce decided to take a nighttime walk in Baker Park.

As they walked, the couple passed by several homeless men sleeping but it wasn’t until they saw a homeless woman dressed in business clothes that it hit him. There she was, sitting under a tree with her suitcase and belongings, instantly relatable. Homelessness could happen to anyone. It was at that moment Joe knew he had to do something.

What is the Unity Campaign?

Over the past five years, the Unity Campaign has raised upwards of $2 million for local nonprofits with Joe’s help. Sure, the name has changed, and it was turned over to United Way for management purposes, but the mission has stayed the same: to raise money to help the non-profits that strengthen our community.

Recently Joe was asked to come back as chairman. His primary role is to help raise money for the incentive funds. Here’s how it works.

  1. Money is raised throughout the year for incentive funds. This bucket of money helps every dollar expand and essentially become more than a dollar, which has an even bigger impact on the community. This year, Troyce Gatewood & Partners are raising $100,000 in Incentive Funds for the 32 non-profits participating in this year’s campaign.
  2. The Unity Campaign launches in September, which means for one week our non-profits are encouraged to ask for donations through the Unity Campaign website. 100% of donations are given to the charity that the donor chooses.
  3. Incentive funds are divvied up based on the percentage of donations received for each non-profit. The funds start at zero each year.

Make a Donation

Did you know that over 1 in 3 households can’t afford basic human needs?  Frederick County non-profits work hard to solve our largest issues. Issues of providing food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and support for at-risk children.

We are committed to making an impact of our own.  We want to ultimately impact positive growth and change in our community and extend our help to those with the greatest need.  And that’s our plan.

If you would like to join us in making a difference, donating is easy. Click here to make a donation or text TGPGIVES to 71777.

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